Review: The Flash “Therefore I Am”

Welcome Crunchers! For this flash review, you’re going to need your thinking caps! There wasn’t much action this episode unfortunately, but there was some great insight to our villain. It was a decent episode, so I’ll count it as two good ones in a row. First time this season W00t W00T!

There were many frustrating encounters with The Thinker this episode (thanks for finally naming him Cisco). The Thinker, believe it or not, really thought out his encounters with The Flash. For most of the episode the team didn’t seem to know which way was up, or what to believe. It really seems like this villain will be able to get under Barry’s skin in a much different way than Villains of previous seasons.

Iris is her normal annoying self…. Please quit saying “we’re The Flash”. Barry is The Flash, and you are the annoyance that everyone wants to replace. Unfortunately, there is one person that shows up and seems to solidify our nightmares, that the current Iris isn’t going anywhere. I have some guesses as to who this person is, but I’m not 100% sure. Put your guesses in the comments Crunchers. Also, are Barry and Iris getting married? If you’re unsure, this episode will tell you the answer….. about a bagillion times.

This episode was mostly about building up the villain. It was great to learn a lot more about him, and his wife for that matter. However, his intentions are still pretty confusing. Also, the Marlize (The Thinker’s wife) that we have been seeing throughout the series is pretty different from the one that we see in this episode. I would like to see more about how she became the kind of robotic-like servant of The Thinker that we are used to seeing.

Overall the episode was fairly enjoyable, but definitely not the best quality that we have seen from the season.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

3 out of 5 Throw Pillow




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