Review: The Flash “When Harry Met Harry”

Well Flash fans, it’s crunch time! Welcome to another Flash review! I feel like the series is in a one off and one on cycle. One episode is kind of a stretch and the next leaves behind a streak of success. I’m happy to report that this week was the latter.

This was another episode had a lot of great elements. They were able to bring in new characters, developed recently new characters, and was still able to focus on the villains . With so many alternate universes, it can make for a lot of characters to develop. Tom Cavanagh does an exceptionally good job this episode bringing laughs and new elements to the show. I wouldn’t be giving him an Oscar any time soon, but he was really able to bring a light-hearted enjoyable new element to the show.

Our new “Mr. Fantastic” (AKA Plastic Man) has a lot to learn from our more experienced scarlet speedster. This makes for some comical scenes, and it has been good to see the growth of a new hero. I also really enjoy the relationship between Ralph and Barry, and the two become more cohesive in this episode.

We also learn some new things about The Thinker. His henchwoman is not really one that should stand a millisecond against The Flash. It’s unfortunately another episode where they vastly dumb down his power, which I find really annoying. They do it so that they can build up the other characters around him, but I wish they could do it without making The Flash seem like a weakling comparatively to other episodes. It is also once again really great, that there was a lot more screen time for The Thinker than previous episodes.

Even though there were some really great things about this episode, one main element that was missing was the feeling of suspense. You never really feel that the heroes are in any actual danger. It just feels like they are being sloppy and allowing themselves to be tripped up a little, but the whole time I just thought, “they can mop the floor with her really fast if they use their brains just a little bit”. The villain should be able to compel some form of uncertainty from the audience in order to create that suspense, but it just wasn’t there.

It’s time to search the couch cushions, bust out the remote, and tune in to the CW. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a really good episode. We’ll see if next week brings a record breaking two good episodes in a row!

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

4 out of 5 small







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