Review: The Flash “Girls Night Out”

Welcome to another Flash review Crunchers! This episode was not nearly as likeable as chicken wings. Unfortunately, it really bothered me. There were some elements that were good and some that were just really awful. Iris was once again the main perpetrator of awfulness. I really feel like the writers are either not realizing that the fans are supposed to like the girl that the Flash ends up with, or that they are planning on Barry ending up with someone else. If they don’t make a drastic change to her character, then I’m really starting to root for the latter.

The big issue with this episode, is the #feminism stuff that’s being crammed down your throat the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about strong, capable women. In fact, I married one. However, the problem with the portrayal of “woman power” in these types of episodes is that there is too much talking about it. All of the girls have to say things like “lets do this ladies, we don’t need the men” and once again “#feminism”. Really awesome characters (men or women), don’t have to state they are awesome in ridiculously dumb ways for the audience to know they are awesome. Katheryn Winnick AKA Lagertha in Vikings is a perfect example. She doesn’t have to announce “lady power!” in every scene. She’s just a awesome because she is awesome, and everyone knows it.

To top it off, Iris is the stupid kind of character that thinks that because she’s a strong female (no boys needed ladies), that she can all of a sudden take on a bunch of thugs armed with fully automatic weapons, and in her skirt and heels no less. Then we have the normally super handy team member Overwatch stepping down her game to follow suit. Meanwhile the one really powerful woman, Killer Frost, is all of a sudden inept. Last season she was fast enough and powerful enough to give The Flash a run for his money, and now besides one moment at the end, she pretty much just stands around acting cool (pun intended :P) but not actually doing anything.


The only thing really redeeming part of the episode is that we learn more about Killer Frost’s past 6 months. Her character sees a lot of growth, and we get more of a glimpse of what is happening between her and Kaitlyn. The villain in this episode is one of the better ones this season in my opinion and it’s a shame that she was coupled with the rest of the episode’s stupidity.

Overall it was a very disappointing episode. It had some good elements that were dragged down by too much of just… blah.

2 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

2 out of 5 small

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