Review: The Flash “Elongated Journey Into Night”

Welcome back crunchers! Sorry about the delay on reviews on our beloved superhero. My wife and I were getting ready for our 1 year trip to Middle Earth! We will be in New Zealand traveling the country in a camper van. We are excited and we will have more details to come if you would like to follow our adventures.

Jumping into the review, it is no stretch to say that this was a really fun episode. We got to see a little bit of Barry Allen’s life before he became the Scarlet Speedster. It seems that things weren’t always peachy. Not to give too much away to those who haven’t seen it, but The Flash is confronted by a negative figure from his past who has been affected by the actions of Team Flash.


The unfortunate part of this episode, that will be a continuing theme throughout the season, is that the episode is mostly centered around the team cleaning up their own mistakes. If you have been following my reviews, you’ll know that I find this continuing theme to be one of largest, if not the largest downfall of the series. I bring it up again because this episode takes things a step further with Barry trying to come to terms with whether or not actions from his past were the right decisions, or if he should try to reconcile the present with those past decisions.

Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship is going to a new level. Their relationship seems to be solidifying. This I think this is great news because Gypsy is by far my favorite female character in the show, and possibly in all of the CW shows. A new character from Gypsy’s life makes his debut, causing trouble for Cisco. This made for a lighthearted, albeit somewhat contentious relationship which really complemented the episode.

The actual focus on bad guys was slim but it actually worked out for this episode. It was focused on building and adding more character development to Team Flash. Which really worked for the most part. The CW also has this theme of the heroes constantly having this guilt complex that leads to their friends giving them a heart to heart to make them feel better. Sometimes it gets rather annoying.

Overall this episode was pretty decent. I recommend giving it a watch.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow (3.5)

3 out of 5 Throw Pillow



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