Lord of the Rings Getting TV Series

The rumors are true! Amazon has made a multi season deal to create a Lord of the Rings based TV series. The series will be based on a story which takes place before the events of “Fellowship of the Ring” and leaves room for spin off series to be explored as well. No word on when the show will be released nor is there any casting news. For now, all we know is that there is a television series for Lord of the Rings coming.

As a huge fan of fantasy this news is incredible and exciting. I recently binged all of Game of Thrones and loved it. I doubt the Lord of the Rings series will be as adult (at least I hope it  isn’t) but it has potential to be something amazing. The Man in the High Castle is a fantastic Amazon TV show that demonstrates that Netflix isn’t the only one who can create quality original content and I expect to see the same out of this upcoming series.

With the massive money behind Amazon I only hope they put a big budget into this venture. Game of Thrones is basically a 1 hour movie each episode with the high budget that it operates under. I would love to see the same from this upcoming series. I mean, check out this image here with the dragon. It’s high quality production and I hope we get something similar from Amazon.


I  thought it would be much longer before we got more Lord of the Rings and I am pleasantly surprised and excited for this. I hope we see more and more of this and I hope fantasy shows like The Shannara Chronicles do well in order to spur even more fantasy worlds into creation. When we know more we will bring you the news but for now, that is all crunchers. As always, sound off below!


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