New Star Wars Trilogy In The Works

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rian Johnson has been tasked with writing and directing a new trilogy of Star Wars films. Further to the news is that these films will not be part of the Skywalker story. 

Buzz around the Johnson directed film The Last Jedi is currently highly positive and it seems that Disney has much faith in him considering this news. 

I am personally thrilled with this news. I’ve been clamoring for a new trilogy that isn’t part of the Skywalker story for years now. My dreams are coming true. Now my hope is that Disney takes even more risks and sets it in the days of The Old Republic. The past of the franchise is rich with Sith lore and loads of Jedi. 

Arguably the best part of the prequel trilogy was the amazingly choreographed light saber battles. An old republic trilogy would give this to us along with better story telling (I mean, can it get much worse than episode I?). Even more are the possibilities for bounty hunters to enter the fray and show us their skill. We got a glimpse with Kenobi vs Fett in Episode II but this could be explored far more. 
There are of course other ways for Disney to take the trilogy but I hope to see the distant past. We could see a trilogy set in the future or something that takes place on a lesser scale in the universe such as the liberation of a single planet against oppressors. 

In addition to the new trilogy Disney confirmed that a live action TV show is in the works. It is expected that this show will be a part of their new stewing service coming in 2019. This could be anything but I’d be interested to see something that fills the 30+ year gap between episodes 6 and 7. 

The best news out of this…We are getting more Star Wars. May the force be with us all Crunchers. 

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