Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Zari”

The Legends get a distress call from Gary who was spying on them in Freak Show. A distress signal is sent and the Legends pick it up and respond. What makes this episode strange is the fact that its in 2042 and Argus are enforcing anti Meta Human law. All metas are now an enemy to the world.

Kasa is trying to kill Zari yet nothing hints at exactly why she is being targeted. The overall issue that the Legends have is they are trying to prove themselves. When they stop trying to prove themselves to Rip and the Time Bureau I think the Legends will be better like they were in season 1.

The previous issues with Amaya get mostly resolved when she finds out, through a vision, that she needs to stop trying to control the totem and embrace it. While this is happening the Legends are chasing around Zari to save her from an assasin. Mick get to shine in how to deal with Zari because they are both criminals.  Zari only agrees to help the Legends if they break her brother out of “prison”. This is of course a con as we learn that she is Muslim which is interesting because its pointed out that all religions are outlawed in this time! So, to recap, if you are a meta you are swore enemy and if you practice religion you get arrested. My speculation is that something happened with The Flash after the red sky incident/ The Flash disappearing.

Amaya points out after the attack that she needs to protect Zari and that she should come with the Legends. We also learn that Zari’s totem is linked somehow to Amaya and she needs to help protect her. This leads me to wonder if Zari may be from a similar group that each were given totems by some ancient sorcerer to protect their lands. If not I think it could with Mallus.

The episode in my mind feels like it trying to get back what they need to be and not care about another organization. Since this is how Rip Hunter treated the team in season one I would rate this episode a bit higher

3 out 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow (3.5)!

3 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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