Who said Three is a Crowd?

Ever since Jodie Whittaker has been cast as the Thirteenth Doctor there has been speculation about who her companion would be.  Last week, our question was answered and she will have not one companion but three!  Veteran British actor Bradley Walsh (who has long been rumored as a companion) will be joined by Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill as companions.  I am excited about the casting of Walsh, I have seen him on several British TV shows and he is a very talented actor, the other two I have no idea who they are.  Yet.

I’ve seen several comments online blasting the decision to have three companions and this is where we see a split between Whovians and those who think the show started in 2005.  Having three companions is not new, the First Doctor had three, so did the Fifth.  Nine and Eleven also had three for certain episodes.  In Season Four, David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor had SEVEN companions (The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End), multiple companions is nothing new to the show.  Although, I will admit that if not done right the Tardis will feel very crowded.

This move makes me wonder if show runner Chris Crimball’s intention is to give us a reboot of the show by giving us the same number of companions as they had in 1966.  My concerns with Whittaker’s casting are well known but I think the addition of Walsh in particular will help her carry the show.

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