Review: The Gifted “eXit Strategy”

Last review I mentioned that I liked the story pacing. Funny enough I mentioned that I would be fine with Reed getting away in the next episode or two but I wanted Lorna to be in prison a bit longer. Well, even if I didn’t get exactly what I wanted, The Gifted delivered once again. This fourth episode progressed the story along in a great way and it was a lot of fun. My biggest fear is that Fox will cancel this show due to their history of cancelling great shows in the past.

A lot happens in this episode but the basic premise is that Reed and Lorna are being moved to a secret mutant facility and the mutant underground decides they need to act now or they may never see Lorna and Reed again. Again we get to see Marcos/Eclipse shine here and we get more character development. Despite the fact that John/Thunderbird is the leader, Marcos is given much more development on the show and it is paying off. Marcos is quickly becoming my favorite character on the show, quickly tied with Lorna/Polaris. This power couple is deeply in love and their characters are both interesting and damaged at the same time which makes for great television.

When Kate offers the suggestion that they hit the convey that transports the prisoners rather than try to attack a Sentinel Services prison head on, Marcos is forced to reach out to his old friends in the Cartel. This is another moment where we see that Marcos has a massive backstory and may have a shady past as well. We know that he had a bad upbringing based on what he said to Lorna in a flashback from last episode but his ties to the Cartel link him to a weighted past that he is trying to run from. His interactions with the new Cartel leader (his old girlfriend who he left for Lorna) are intense and lead us to the obvious conclusion that he is not done with this arc. The Cartel will come for Marcos again and I am interested to see how that plays out.


The Strucker twins learned that they can combine their powers this week and got to help in the convoy attack. Andy says he has a hard time focusing his powers (although he didn’t have an issue breaking the trophy in his cousin’s room last episode) and Lauren suggests that they combine their powers to help him focus his. The result is that they are able to focus on specific objects for him to use his powers on rather than him destroying everything nearby. It wasn’t the best part of the episode but it was cool to see and is sure to lead to some more great moments in the future. If I have learned anything from watching comic book properties, when a new power is introduced, it will be used again, generally in fun and interesting ways.


Blink was left to the side a bit more than usual this episode but we still get to see her struggle with the “memories” implanted in her mind by Dreamer. Several times throughout the episode we see her woken in the night by a dream of her and John together. This being the memory that was planted in her mind she can’t help but wonder what is going on. It feels real to her yet she knows that her and John are not together now. This plot point is sure to play a big role in creating some internal conflict with the underground. I doubt that the drama will stick purely to John, Dreamer and Clarice/Blink.

The final act of the episode is the best action we have seen on the show yet. The mutants powers are blocked by another mutant who is with Sentinel Services which causes them to have to change their plans drastically. Marcos resorts to using a gun to fight for Lorna’s rescue since his powers aren’t working and John risks his life to take down the mutant who is shutting them all down.



Lorna and Reed get some great scenes in this as well since they are forced together for the first time since Reed threatened her in the first episode as her prosecutor. In the end Reed makes a sacrifice that leads to great results. Lorna really gets to shine here and show us how powerful she is. Her powers are very similar to Magneto’s so we get to see some of the same tricks and uses. Even still, I wasn’t bothered by seeing her stop bullets or pull the guns from every single Sentinel Services operative simultaneously. In fact I smiled in joy at it.


This was the best episode of The Gifted yet. I just watched it a few hours ago and am trying to think of something negative to say in order to give it a star down. The only thing I can really think of is the inconsistency in powers for Andy Strucker. He says he can’t focus his power but he literally did in the previous episode when breaking the trophy. This inconsistency isn’t enough to bring down a stellar episode though. This action packed thrill ride was packed so full of story, character development, new powers and fun that I am tempted to watch it again. It was my favorite episode thus far which means there are great things to come in the future.

5 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

5 out of 5 small


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