Review: It’s Iris and Some The Flash

I THINK it’s time for another Flash review! Welcome Crunchers. I have one word for season 4 episode 2…… ugh! I  guess that’s more of just a noise, but it still pretty much sums it up. From watching the episode, you would think that it was not a superhero show for all ages, but rather a daytime soap opera geared toward preteens. Who knew they even made those?


Unfortunately, there really isn’t much to say about the episode. The villainous minion is not compelling. It’s obvious that there is an “I have a plan” overall theme for the season from our main villain The Thinker, but the episode doesn’t really even give the minion a chance to develop into a good character. He just doesn’t have the screen time.



However, I think the real villain of the season is Iris. This episode you find out that she is a Meta. Her power? Being mind-bogglingly exasperating. It’s so bad that even Tom Cavanagh (AKA Reverse Flash, Harrison Wells, H.R.)


has been posting some memes about it, including one that changes the title of The Flash to “It’s Iris and Some The Flash”.

The hope was that the negatives from episode 1 were going to be a one off thing and would fizzle out and the good aspects of the show would be heightened, but the opposite was true. I think that the biggest problem so far, is that the villains aren’t compelling enough to create the drama that the show needs for it to be interesting, so the obvious thing to do is to turn to Iris, the bottomless well of drama.

There are two good things about this episode. One was that it did show off The Flash’s new suit, which Cisco spent some time putting new tech in to. Hopefully he will actually use some of that in the future. The second is that the Cisco and Gypsy relationship

MV5BYmYwNDU1YzEtMTZlMi00ZDU0LTgyYTUtOWRkNGVkZWFhYWI5XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzQ0MDUyMzg@._V1_isn’t as bad as The Flash and Iris. Mainly because Gypsy is way more awesome. Unfortunately, all that we have to look forward to are hopefully and maybes, but we are still early on in the season. There is still hope Crunchers.




1 Couch Cushion out of 5 and a throw pillow!

1 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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