Review: Legends of Tomorrow “Aruba-Con”

If you watched the previous season finale of Legends you probably wondered how they were going to fix the mess they got themselves into. The fun part about this episode is that it brings to the surface the same questions that everyone in The Flash brought up about flashpoint and disrupting the timeline. Upon returning to the present the legends realize there are dire consequences to their actions.

The Legends are now in a broken version of 2017 Los Angeles that the team has no idea how to fix; all because they broke Rip Hunter’s one rule to not visit the same time and place twice. This leads us into the beginning of the episode where the timeline is completely changed with dinosaurs existing, Big Ben being in LA and more. The newly formed agency, The Time Bureau, is fixing what the new head of the Time Bureau, Rip Hunter, refers to as “anachronisms”.

The episode begins with the agents of the Time Bureau fixing the anachronisms and repairing the timeline that the Legends broke at the end of their second season. The time agents remind me of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 with Phil Coulson setting up a new base and their version of the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization.


The Legends are released from their service as Time Masters by Rip and, 6 months later, find themselves engaged in everyday lives and jobs. This point of the episode is my favorite as we see the Legends living normal lives. The animosity that Sara Lance and Ray Palmer feel towards their boring boss is bad enough that Sara day dreams of assassinating him. This episode feels like it’s trying to copy a little of the Marvel side more than the DC side which I do not agree with. I like the different feel that the Arrowverse brings out of DC but this felt a bit too much like Marvel.

While most of the team is miserable, there is one who is loving life and sipping drinks on a beach in Aruba, Mick. During his time in Aruba, Mick encounters Julius Caesar, an obvious anachronism. Mick informs Sara who assembles the Legends to get to the bottom of the situation. They encounter the time agents and this is where we see how the Time Bureau differs from the Legends. The time agents are not used to being field agents as they usually spend their days sitting behind a desk. Despite all the good work the Legends have done before, the Agent second in command states that the Legends make more issues then they solve, which is basically true up to this point.


Making the Legends look like they are incompetent in this episode makes for an interesting contrast as we see the Time Bureau and are made to think that they are super powerful. So much so that at one point, the time agents fall for a trap which seemed unbelievable, considering Rip is their leader. When all is said and done, the Legends now work for the Time Bureau.

The episode left me with questions such as who is Mallus? Is it a person, an organization or a thing? Do Agent Sharpe and Sara Lance have a history? Is that where she got the ID card to get into the Time Bureau? Lastly, will we see more time ships in that hanger for mobile units later or is the hanger going to be used for just the wave rider?

I give the episode 3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

3 out of 5 small



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