Review: The Gifted “eXit Strategy”

***Spoiler Warning***

The Gifted has done a marvelous job of bringing enjoyable content each week and this episode was no different. Packed full of great story and twists, the characters engage in various adventures. The Struckers visit a family member in the hopes of getting some aide, Blink recovers from losing her powers after being sick, John demonstrates his leadership skills and Reed makes a difficult decision.

It’s fun to see all the story lines unfold but I was particularly impressed with Reed and how he made the decision to not go through with ratting out the underground. Reed realizes how much harm he will be inflicting on people in need and decides to throw himself out of a moving van as it is on its way to the Mutant Underground. This will have major ramifications with Sentinel Services and I am excited to see what happens.


The twins got to use their powers a bit but it wasn’t a super action packed episode compared to others. Instead it was full of story and development. I’d say it’s the weakest of the show yet but it is still fun. We got to see Blink overcome her issues and use her powers again in a big way. The process of getting there was not as expected either with Dreamer (Elena Satine) interfering. The use of her powers will have some blow back in the near future I’m sure.


One of my favorite scenes of the show was with Lorna and Marcos in a flashback when Marcos first arrived at the underground. It was great to get some back story and see a different version of Marcos. The character we see today is very confident and a huge defender of mutant rights. The character from 3 years earlier lacks confidence in his abilities and sees his status as a mutant as a curse instead of a privilege. Lorna is portrayed as a delightful woman here. So far we haven’t had the chance to get to know her character much other than being in battle and then incarcerated. A free Lorna is a much more enjoyable Lorna to be around. With all that said, her scene in the prison was pretty impressive. I feel like she is going to be one of the main powerhouses throughout the series where other mutants are more in the background. Granted, she already is the most prone to fight but I can see her becoming far more powerful. The fact that she can levitate should come in handy at some point in the show.


While this was my least favorite episode to date, it was still well done and enjoyable. The story progressed enough but not too much and characters were developed in satisfying ways. Granted it is only episode three so far but I have seen too many shows that resolve storylines far too quickly and I am thoroughly enjoying the pace of the show thus far. Lorna is still in prison, Reed is still captive, etc. I would be fine with Reed getting away in the next episode or two but think there is still time for Lorna to be stuck in prison. We will see how it all goes but for now I am impressed. While the episode was slower it still demonstrated the great work Fox is doing in their “X-Men” TV universe.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

3 out of 5 small




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