J’s Halloween Hall of Fame: House

What’s Halloween without a good haunted house story!  In the latest installment of my Halloween Hall of Fame its Steve Miner’s (sort of) classic film House!

House 2

House was released in 1985, was directed by Steve Miner (Friday the 13th Part 2 & 3, Lake Placid, Halloween H2O) and stars William Katt (The Greatest American Hero),  George Wendt (Norm from Cheers), and Richard Moll (Bull from Night Court).  So it’s the cream of the Reagan era crop of TV sitcom stars.  The movie follows a popular fiction writer and Vietnam Vet named Roger Cobb (Katt) whose life is going down the tubes after his son was kidnapped and his superstar actress/model wife has divorced him.  And because of all the tension in his life is also starting to suffer from war flashbacks. Now he learns that his Aunt (who raised him) has died and left him her spooky old house.  Cobb, needing a change in his life decides to move into his Aunt’s old house where he discovers it’s full of mischievous demons and portals to other dimensions.

House 3

House is not really a scary movie in the traditional sense, not like The Exorcist or anything like that but it is very twisted.  It’s what used to be referred to as a “dark” comedy back when America still had a sense of humor.  If  it were released today it would probably be deemed highly offensive by Millennial Social Media Justice standards.   It does have its share of delightfully disturbing parts to it though and scenes that will creep you out just because of how bizarre they play out.  House is what you get when you cross Evil Dead, with Amityville Horror and sprinkle a healthy heap of 80’s cheese on top.  So if you’re a fan of either one of those I highly recommend House but House II The Second Story, not so much.


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