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We are finally in full CW superhero swing again. All of the CW Superhero shows have debuted and now we Couch Crunchers are going to be busy. As we know, Oliver was “gone” for 5 years and, now that season 5 is complete, the flashbacks to his time away are gone. Well, after five years of flashbacks, the creators of Arrow aren’t done with the that part of the show as this episode takes us back to the events at the end of season 5 many times. Fortunately this was extremely necessary as the end of the season left us with a bomb detonating on an island full of Oliver’s friends and family. While it was clear that there wouldn’t be that many casualties, simply based on the fact that this is a TV show and they don’t want to kill too many characters off, we were still unsure what casualties there would be, if any.

The episode, appropriately titled “Fallout” deals with the fallout of the bomb going off. Our time with Oliver co sees them in Star city taking down villains and flashbacks to how they got off the island. A familiar face comes back to the show as Black Siren is the main antagonist this time around. Since her death, “Laurel” has been extremely active on the show. I honestly don’t know why they killed her off at all if they intended to use the actress so much still. The character of Black Canary/Laurel Lance is far better than Black Siren/Gothic Laurel. The decision to kill her off but yet keep her around baffles me. Honestly, when Damien Darhk killed Laurel, I was impressed and applauded Arrow for being courageous enough to kill such an iconic character in the Arrowverse. But then they brought her back to The Flash and to Arrow and even upgraded her to a series regular again. I don’t understand the decision making at all but I digress.

Black Siren did fine but actress Katie Kassidy is better playing a hero than a villain. There were a few fights between the new Black Canary and Black Siren and they bordered awesome and laughable cat fight at the same time. In one instance, the fight began and we never really saw it resolve. All of a sudden they weren’t fighting each other and team arrow had won.


Despite my dislike of Black Siren, the episode had its redeeming qualities. Oliver’s work towards a relationship with his son William, John experiencing some form of PTSD, Rene being more like-able and having a great new outfit and more made this a decent start to a season despite a boring villain.

I do have to express another gripe though. Olicity is starting up again and my heavy eye rolls are in full flow. If for no other reason than to end Olicity, I wish Laurel was still alive. When she died she expressed her love for Oliver and this is what is more traditional in the comics. I have never cared for the Felicity and Oliver romance. It’s been too back and forth and it’s exhausting. They took a break from it for about one season and I am not excited to see it back now.

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Action wise, there were some good moments here, especially one with John near the end of the episode. John is having some issues, presumably with PTSD, but he still managed to beat the crap out of some of Black Siren’s t hugs and it is beautiful.

***Spoiler Alert***

At the end of the episode we see footage on the TV in Star city which shows that Mayor Oliver Queen is The Green Arrow. This was hinted at in some of the trailers but the evidence is pretty damning so I am excited to see how team arrow gets out of this. You can bet that Oliver is going to be under some intense surveillance to prove that he is in fact Green Arrow. This means that if there is no activity for Green Arrow, it points to it being true. My hope is that Roy Harper comes to town and takes up the cowl once again to throw everyone off the scent. Maybe Oliver can say that he is a huge Green Arrow fan and likes to cosplay? As silly as that sounds, I don’t know how else to explain the fact that they have a picture of him clearly in full Green Arrow garb without his hood or mask on.

***Spoiler End***

This episode was good as far as the end reveal is concerned, Oliver attempting to be a father, Slade Wilson, as well as a few action scenes, especially with Diggle. Overall I think this was a dud. Season 5 had some amazing highs and was the best of the show since season 2. I hope season 6 can keep up with the dark tone and great story telling that was apparent in season 5. They aren’t off to a good start but I have faith that it will improve. If they can keep Slade around, we will be ripe for greatness. His scenes were some of the best of the episode.

2 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow (2.5)!

2 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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