The Flash is Back!

The Flash is back! Welcome Crunchers, to my review of the Flash. The somewhat close to fastest man alive! This show really is one of my top Superhero tv shows. However, I feel like certain aspects of the show have been going downhill as of late. There is a lot of whininess and over the top drama, which has unfortunately become typical of the CW superhero shows. If you were hoping a new season would usher in a new era where one mistake doesn’t send people spiraling to the point that they need a friend to come and give them an inspirational speech so that they stop crying about it, then you will be disappointed. This doesn’t mean that the show hasn’t improved from its previous season’s downward trend. There were a lot of good things about the intro to the new season, so let’s get in to it.

It’s six months later, and the team is in crisis. They are having a hard time stopping bad guys, and more are coming that are too much for them to handle. The episode revolves around the team in need, their work to get their much-needed players back in the game. It does a good job of showing the comradery of all of the characters, and brings them back together in a way that makes you feel a connection to them and once again root for Team Flash!

One of the really noticeable things about this season, is that Grant Gustin (Barry Allen AKA The Flash) Has a fairly noteworthy performance. The Flash makes a big return to the show, but isn’t quite himself. He does a great job of switching emotions on a dime and eventually really does a great job making a full triumphant return. The end of the episode really ends on a note of triumph and redemption.

Unlike last season, there isn’t any of this who’s Savatar? Oh he’s me, junk. However, there is still some good intrigue brought about by some unanswered questions from the last 6 months. There are some things about the episode that will make you go huh? How did that just fix itself, or what does that mean? It didn’t and you won’t know in the first episode. I suspect that future episodes are going to do some explaining of the events of the time that the audience missed.

Let’s talk about the villain. The main villain seems like he could spice things up a bit and I’m excited to see where combatting him will take this season. If you aren’t super versed in comics, you probably won’t recognize him, but with a little imagination from CW, things could get pretty interesting with him at the helm of the baddies.

Overall, it was a good intro to a new season, that so far is showing some promise. I give Season 4 Episode 1, 3 cushions and a pillow.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions and a throw pillow (3.5)

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