Review: The Gifted: “rX”

Fox may have created a hit with The Gifted. This X-men universe show is fantastic so far. With the release of Logan, Fox made up for a lot of the terrible decisions made for Apocalypse and The Gifted adds some more make up for the year of 2017. Granted, Logan is better than this show but it’s a high bar to be compared to. What comes to mind with this new show is Heroes. Heroes started out great! It had a compelling villain, fun story, well paced character development and more. The powers were interesting and watching them develop was fun. I hope The Gifted gives us more of that. For now, we are only two episodes in and I am loving it.

This episode really saw Lauren Strucker shine. While Blink was incapacitated and creating portals against her will, Lauren was using her powers to shut them. With each passing moment, Blink got worse and the portals were harder to close but Lauren was a true heroine in this episode. Of additional consequence was the Kate and Marcos who went to a nearby hospital to find medication for Blink. Kate, a nurse, was their best shot at saving Blink, who had overexerted herself to transport them back to base at the end of Episode 1.


Kate and Marcos show the cliche, yet relevant, mutant story-line of how unaccepted they are as a people. Marcos and Kate fake an injury and pretend to be a couple. We then see the doctor act ask Kate if she was being abused by her mutant “partner” because she still has scrapes from the previous episode’s events. She assured the doctor that is not the case but the mutant prejudice was clear. It was a clear call back to a dark history in the United States and to some of the intolerance we still see today.

Reed Strucker also had his fun being interrogated by Sentinel Services. Reed is awesome the way he stands up to Sentinel services. He’s a character I look forward to seeing grow a lot. At the end of the episode he is faced with a major decision and I am interested to see what he does. He could be the kind of character that isn’t actually a good guy even though we think he is now and I can’t wait to find out.


All in all, another solid episode, even better than the first I would say. Many characters are featured but it didn’t feel over crowded. Lorna even gets a moment to shine in prison and it is delightful to watch. Fox is putting a lot into this franchise and I think it is paying off. My hat is off to all involved and I look forward to seeing the rest of the journey unfold soon.


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