Orville: Pria Review

I never make spoiler free reviews, because I’d basically just end up saying one of three things: Go see it now!!! Meh. Or… I loathe this with the rage of a thousand suns.

Considering that I want to go more in depth, I’m gonna plop that spoiler warning right here, and get into a review of The Orville’s 5th episode, Pria.


The moment I saw Charlize Theron show up as Pria, I got excited. She does tend to play the exact same stoic woman in each sci-fi she’s in, however, I really feel like it worked in this episode.

The episode starts with the crew trying to explain humor to Isaac using Seinfeld. Malloy promises that he’s going to prank Isaac, in order to give him a better idea of what humor is. This eventually leads up to one of The Orville’s most hilarious jokes, ever.

After the short discussion about humor, the crew turns to a distress call from mining vessel aboard a rock hurtling towards a star. They talk to the captain, Pria, who declares herself as in need of help.


Kelly is almost instantly suspicious of the woman who comes aboard and starts flirting with her ex husband, who seems blind to any reason regarding the possibility of her being a rogue. Let’s be honest, Charlize Theron is a hottie, so it’s understandable. Even after finding evidence of Pria’s darker intentions, Ed refuses to see any fault in her.

Meanwhile, Isaac gets innocently pranked by Mallow, and Isaac not-so-innocently pranks him back by completely amputating and hiding Malloy’s leg while he was sleeping. This ties into my favorite joke ever.

When confronting Pria with sabotaging the ship, the severed leg falls out of the ceiling and lands on the table next to them. All the Captain can say is, “Never mind about that.” And move on.


I had to pause the show because I was laughing so hard.

It’s discovered that Pria’s a time traveler who wants to sell their ship to someone in the future in “mint condition”. They thwart her plans and destroy the worm hole that she entered in, making sure they never met her in the first place.


5 whole couch cushions!!!

This episode was my favorite so far. They had an awesome featured cast member, a hilarious running joke, and it was their first interaction with my favorite subject: time travel.


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