Justice League Heroes Trailer

Before we make any comments, check out the latest Justice League trailer below:

As you can see, DC did a better job of not spoiling this time. With Batman v Superman many were upset when Doomsday was shown in a trailer. Since speculation is high that Superman returns in this film, but in a black suit, it’s great that it wasn’t shown. For all we know, Superman won’t fight the League although it’s basically been confirmed already. 

For me, the trailer is good but it didn’t add much from the last. I liked seeing some more numerous elements in the trailer such as The Flash seeing the bat symbol and Aquaman being carried midair by Cyborg. I thought the CGI was too heavy and I hope it gets cleaned up. With only about a month until release though, I don’t have a ton of hope for that. All in all I’m excited for the film but cautiously so.

Let us know your thoughts about the trailer Crunchers. Like it, love it, hate it, nothing it? Sound off below. 

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