Orville: If All The Stars Should Appear

Spoilers at warp speed ahead!

The Orville has been amazing thus far, however I’m sad to say that this one is the show’s first dud.

I’m not even going to provide images for this episode. It was that boring.

To summarize, though, in this episode our intrepid crew finds a massive ship shaped like a dome that’s on a collision course with a star. Inside is a biosphere with people living primitive, pre-colonial lives.

This is the episode depicted in the trailers. They come upon a wooden cabin, where they try to convince the inhabitants of their dire situation. They have been out of touch with their reality for so long, they believe that their life does not extend beyond their farms and their tyrannical priest.

Eventually, they find the control bridge where a beautiful Liam Neeson explains via video that they were simply drifting until someone found them. That part was nice, but mostly because of my massive crush on the guy and his buttery vocals.

All In All

The pacing was bad, it wasn’t funny, or heart wrenching. It was “meh”. No one wants “meh”.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

3 out of 5 small

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