Review: The Gifted “EXposed”

The Gifted is the latest installment in Fox’s X-Men franchise. It takes place in an alternate timeline where the X-Men brotherhood are nowhere to be found and follows the mutant underworld. The earth has shunned mutants and created a government agency known as Sentinel Services.

This pilot episode was a great introduction to this mutant world and was exceptionally well done. The characters are interesting, special effects well done, story engaging and acting well done. There was one moment when a young man discovers his powers that truly threw back to the mythos we have been accustomed to with the X-Men movies. The films state that many mutants gained their powers as adolescents in distress. Likewise, this young man discovers his powers in a moment of stress.

The Gifted has the ability to last a long time due to its story and world. I loved being a part of this mutant world. With Sentinel Services chasing down mutants and the re-imagined Sentinels, the mutants in The Gifted, have worthy foes to take down. That said, I hope we get to see more than just mutants vs. Sentinel Services. I hope to see mutant vs. mutant in the future. For now though, I am content with the human enemies.

As seen in the trailers, actor Stephen Moyer portrays Reed Strucker, a mutant prosecutor. The beginning of the episode shows how he works to incarcerate “dangerous” mutants. Due to his work, it is especially enjoyable to see him change when he realizes it is his children who are mutants and that he must take them far away in order to save them. As a father myself, I could relate to the decision he made. Family first, no question was the mind set he possesses and it is a theme I expect to see explored even more in the show.

There were several mutants displayed, one of the most well known being Blink (Jamie Chung). Additionally there is Polaris (Emma Dumont), Sage (Haley Lovitt), and Thunderbird (Blair Redford). While these are not the most famous mutants, each comes from the comics and we can expect to see exciting things from them. New mutants have been created as well such as Eclipse (Sean Teale) and the Strucker twins. Granted, the twins may end up being mutants from other lore, time will tell.

Overall, the show started off extremely strong. There was a good amount of action and story to where I felt engaged. There was a moment or two where the acting was off and it booted me from the world for a moment. I’m sure the acting will get ironed out soon but it was distracting at times, especially with the young Strucker boy. Granted, I expect some acting fallacies from young actors but it was noticeable and distracting still. If you have checked it out yet, The Gifted is more than worth your time. It is actually some great X-Men entertainment and I can’t wait for more.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

4 out of 5 small

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