Gotham – A Dark Knight – The Fear Reaper Review

In case you haven’t noticed, Season 4 of Gotham is in full-swing right now! And honestly, this season has been one of their best. Coming off a decent season with the Court of Owls and League of Assassins, Bruce Wayne has now gained his focus and mission along with the foundation training to get him there. This season of Gotham already has a much darker feeling than any season before.

Episode 2 – “The Fear Reaper” holds true to that. As we learned in Episode 1, the Scarecrow is now alive and well. He’s running through town turning people against each other, causing their greatest fears to be realized. He even uses the toxin against Jim Gordon. **Mild Spoiler** Jim overcomes his fear and defeats the toxin. This causes some serious panic to Scarecrow.

Barbara Kean is back as well. She somehow survived her “shocking” (you see what I did there?) death at the end of season 3, and has returned to Gotham with money and a business enterprise to rival the Penguins “crime tickets”. Her recruit class includes the likes of Selina Kyle and Tabitha Galavan. They all appear to be preparing to rain down some serious hurt upon Gotham. Stay tuned for more with them…

The highlight of the show, in my opinion as a Batman fanatic, is watching Bruce Wayne’s ascension towards becoming the Batman. He faces some foes, trying to learn his limits, and depends heavily on Alfred’s help and assistance. He received his suit that was shown in the season 4 images that were released before the show began. His training is far from complete, and episode 2 really portrays that. His continued progression into the iconic Dark Knight is exciting to watch and is being told so well that even the oldest of Batman fanatics can appreciate it.

Episode 2 of Gotham Season 4 gets4 out of 5 Throw Pillow

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