Review: Gotham, Pax Pengiuna

We are a bit late to the party but the first episode of Gotham aired last week and it’s time to share our thoughts with you all. Episode 1 of the show started off the season well. Gotham’s crime rate is at it’s lowest in years all thanks to the efforts of Penguin.

Penguin has started issuing licences to criminals and made plans with the GCPD to allow these crimes to go unpunsihed. Bruce discovers one of these licenses while doing his street level vigilante work and begins to investigate.

Meanwhile Jim and Harvey are busy tracking down some criminals who refuse to get a license. These criminals abduct Jonothan Crane and force him to make them fear gas. Jim and Harvey must track them down before Penguin finds them and kills them.


The episode is a great example of the importance of law and order. Crime rate is down but Jim is concerned that the citizens will lose faith in the GCPD and so he is desperate to catch the unlicensed criminals.

The story is well balanced between Bruce and Jim story arcs. The beginnings of Batmam are evident but not overused. Jim and Harvey are still the focus and the main heroes of this tale. Jim and Bruce both go after Penguin and it is fun to see how they both get to their end result. Another great introduction is Scarecrow! Jonathan Crane is a tortured character and I am excited to see more. His Scarecrow guise is terrifying and wonderful.

The episode wasn’t perfect as I didn’t care for Selina’s arc. It was unnecessary but I can only hope it gets better. The Penguin used to be my favorite character but he has become so whiny and unlikable recently. This episode had him high in power again, which I like, but I hope they make him less whiny soon. He was so great when he was scheming and overthrowing the crime world and he was great when he became the crime boss. In season 3 though, his character changed from confident and powerful to a weak man who lacks confidence. I am ready to see Penguin come back and this episode did a little but not enough to improve the situation.


Overall, we had a great episode. I am excited to see what episode 2 hold for us and how Scarecrow will terrorize the city. Let us know what you think below in the comments crunchers. Do you like Bruce becoming Batman? Do you like Penguin still? Sound off.

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