Star Trek Discovery has Landed

After almost two years of waiting Star Trek Discovery finally made it’s way onto the small screen.  CBS aired the first one hour episode titled “The Vulcan Hello” which introduced us to the main character of the series Lieutenant Commander Michael Burnham played by The Walking Dead alum Sonequa Martin-Green.  We are also introduced to a different look and feel to Star Trek.  Throughout the day I kept an eye on #startrekdiscovery on Twitter and the reviews were mixed, fans seem to either have loved it or hated it.  The most common complaint that I saw (which is one that I have) is that from here on out, the show is only available on the CBS streaming service (cbs all access).

The effects in the new show are incredible!  I was blown away by the little touches like lag time in communications and the attention to detail put into the work stations.  While we truly didn’t get a chance to meet the entire crew in this first episode, I was encouraged with the performances that Doug Jones (as Lieutenant Saru) and James Frain (Ambassador Sarek) gave.  Both are accomplished actors and I am certain will turn in outstanding performances each week.  The writers did a good job of setting up the story arch for the season and if they stick to it, it should be very entertaining.

As I watched this episode I did feel like I was watching the reboot of Battlestar Galactica more than a new Star Trek series.  From the story to the camera angels and the actor’s delivery of their dialog, it felt as though it belonged to BSG not Trek.  The biggest turn off was the constant bickering between Burnham and Saru, I understand that they have different points of view and I’m not sure if the writers are trying to have their version of the Spock/McCoy arguments from the original series and movies.  But, it doesn’t work.  With Spock and McCoy you have the feeling that these are two friends who respect each other but with Burnham and Saru you feel as though these are two people who are forced to work each other and do not like nor respect the other person.  I hope that this will change as we watch that relationship grow.

Overall, the new series seems to be heading in the right direction.

3 out of 5 Couch Cushions!

3 out of 5 small

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