Destiny 2 Players Forced to go Outside

Destiny 2 underwent maintenance and the game was taken offline for roughly 4 hours this morning leaving hardcore players perplexed about what to do next.

Jason of California said he felt blinded when he stepped outside and saw the sun for the first time since September 6. Jason tearfully added, “I don’t know what to do this morning without Destiny. I feel lost.”

Cyndie from New York had similar feelings. Despite the beautiful 72 degree morning, she lamented, “Bungie sucks to high heaven for this. My Hunter needs to keep training for the hard raid. If my light level is affected I don’t know what I’ll do. Fix this Bungie!”

Some fans aren’t letting the outage bring them down such as a group of loyal fans in Kentucky who organized a paintball tournament which simulates the Crucible (multiplayer mode) from Destiny. Said Shad X, the organizer of the event, “The Crucible is a place of pride. We won’t let the darkness defeat us due to a server outage.”

What do you Crunchers think? Are these super fans taking it too hard or is this the perfect reaction?

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