Stranger Things – First Impressions From The Last Person In America To Watch It – Part 1

I feel like I’m the last person on the continental US that has not watched Stranger Things. So this evening, I sat down, avoided watching Wynonna Earp for another night, and watched the first two episodes of the Netflix Original Stranger Things. The fact that it starts out with the boys playing Dungeons & Dragons is definitely a positive way to start. I love the relationship that the boys have. They bicker, fight and play like brothers. It’s really a positive point in the show. And as a Licensed Amateur Radio Technician, I absolutely loved that these boys were really into radio.

The show had enough mystery, humor, excitement and intrigue to keep my interest the entire time. While I’ve never lived in a small town, they did a good job showing how the town got behind searching for a lost child. The other part that I don’t understand fully, but I’m positive I will, is the little girl only known as “11”. I do love that in episode 2, she meets the boys and is welcomed into their group. For someone with abilities, who better to fit in with than a group of Radio/Fantasy Nerds. And as a parent, my heart breaks for Will’s mom. The writers did a great job eliciting emotional responses and attachment to characters in the show. The fact that we all feel sad for Benny’s “Suicide” and want vengeance for his murder, just to name one example. Fantastic Writing!

“He’s trying to make you like normal things, and you shouldn’t like things because people tell you to!” Man that line couldn’t be anymore accurate for all of us, could it!

My first impressions of the show are very positive. I’m excited to continue watching it. I want to know what happened to Will, who 11 is and how she knows Will, and how the town will recover from the greatest tragedy to have occurred in its history. Stay tuned for a full show review once I’ve finished watching it.

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