Final Fantasy XV Assassin’s Event

Ubisoft and Square Enix have partnered to bring an unlikely event to fans around the world with Final Fantasy  XV’s Assassin’s festival.
The DLC opens with Noctis atop a tower overlooking the city of Lestallum. Noctis performs a leap of faith and he and Prompto engage in a mission to pursue a target. Before the target can be eliminated the story flashes back.
Here we see the gang in the car  on the way to the festival and we learn that Noctis and Pronto have played the Assassin’s Creed games. Further theyvstate that the other two would love the games too if they had played them.
What a great way to pay respect for another property that isn’t part of your company. This is the gaming world and community I want to be a part of. It pays homage to another company and shows the respect the gaming community has for one another.
Gameplay is slightly modified to make FFXV more like AC but the game play is not wildly different. You can’t scale any building you want. Instead, it’s predetermined what geography can and cannot be interacted with. Overall it’s fun as it also utilizes Noctis’ warp abilities to teleport to high/far distances.
Where to DLC fails is in the assassin combat. A magitek device renders Noctis and co weak and unable to fight via conventional means. This forces the player into a stealthy combat style that doesn’t translate well to FF XV. While FF XV did some stealth in the main game, and did it well I’ll add, it doesn’t work here. You have to stealth assassinate all targets and if they catch you, the only choice is to run and hide. You cannot stand your ground and fight which is not how the AC games are. This frustrated me as I found myself caught by guards regularly. Granted I rushed into situations and brought it upon myself but I think the mechanics are too unforgiving.
The costumes are great. If you completed the main quest for the Moogle festival, you will be seated the Altair assassin robes. Otherwise you will be given generic assassin garb styled after the upcoming AC: Origins.
Overall the mini games are fun such as the wack a cactuar game. The game to wait in tables is back from the Moogle festival but I found it more frustrating and little fun to do. You can also take pictures around town and assassinate special guards to gain special items.
Overall, the DLC is fun and a great step for crossing over into another developers area. Even still, it still misses the mark for me with the actual assassin combat. Taking away the option to fight head on removes some of the fun of Final Fantasy XV in the first place leaving the crossover to fall short of my expectations.
The event is live until January 2018 so jump in and enjoy while you can.

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