Cruncher Report: Childhood Toys and Nostalgia

On the latest edition of the podcast we had some fun talking about our favorite toys as well as old TV shows that we think could make good live action movies. In our conversation, some hilarity ensued as we discussed Street Sharks, Mighty Max, Mask, Captain Planet and more. This article will show some of the fun topics we discussed on issue 6!

Street Sharks:

Lance brought this up in his top toys and we remembered the fun times we had with these crazy sharks.

In 1994, about 6 years before The Fast and The Furious, Vin Diesel gave a stellar performance showing off the Street Sharks. This performance has to be seen to be believed. Check it out below crunchers.

Captain Planet:

On the show, Cameron mentioned that he thought Captain Planet should be made into a live action movie, something we all disagreed with him on. However, Lance reminded us of a great series of videos made by Funny or Die wherein Don Cheadle plays a version of Captain Planet who is terrorizing the world. Beware, this video contains adult language.

Oh and speaking of Captain Planet, it’s interesting how the same kids from Magic School bus end up with the magic rings and summon a powerful pollution friendly superhero. I mean, seriously, how did we not notice this sooner? #itsallconnected


Mighty Max:

What a fun character from the 90’s. Lance mentioned this great hero in his top toys and I couldn’t help but remember the character and how much I loved him. My name is Max after all. I even dressed up as the character for Halloween one year. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my picture of that Halloween but I did find a great image showing the Polly Pocket like Mighty Max toy. Check it out!



Our resident old man “J” brought up the M.A.S.K. line. These toys could do some cool stuff and it is obvious from the video below.

And let’s not forget the intro to the show from the 80’s. This intro is chocked full of 1980’s  power. I mean, go no further than the theme song and it’s already about as 80’s as  they come!



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