Gotham Season 4 Promo: Are we Getting Batman Already?

The upcoming season 4 of Gotham airs September 21 and we just got another look as Bruce Wayne in an early build of his caped crusader garb. Check out the below promo for a better look.

I think we can all agree that Bruce has a bit to go to make his vigilante suit a bit more conducive of fear but it’s a step in the right direction. When the show first released I thought I would like to see the show end after ten seasons with a good shot of Batman for the first time. Now, 3 seasons in, I’m changing my tune. I’m ready to see Batman in action. I’d be completely fine with Bruce waiting another season or even two to officially take on the name of Batman as well as the official costume, but I am ready to see David Mazouz in action. We got to see him take on The Joker in season 3 and it was my favorite episode of the entire season. Mazouz has grown up a lot and I think he will do a fantastic job as a young version of the caped crusader so long as he doesn’t become the main focus of the show. Jim and Bullock need to have the largest presence in the show and be the main protagonists for the time being. 

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