Mera of Xebel: Another Reason To Get Excited About The Justice League Movie!

Mera III

Mera has been best known for being Aquaman’s main lady and the Queen of Atlantis for quite some time in the DC comic books.  She’s fearless, passionate, powerful and loyal almost to a fault.  She’s going to be portrayed by actress Amber Herd (Pineapple Express, Zombieland) in the upcoming Justice League movie scheduled for release later this year as well as the standalone Aquaman film scheduled to be released as of now sometime in 2018.  The character has already appeared in the DC Animated movies Throne of Atlantis, Flashpoint Paradox and Young Justice. She’s was also portrayed by Elaina Satine in the TV series Smallville (2001)

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Let’s start off with a brief comic book history of Mera and her powers.  Mera was created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy and made her first appearance in Aquaman #11 (1963).  She’s actually had a couple of different origin stories but the most recent portrays her as being the princess of a other dimensional realm called Xebel located in the Bermuda triangle.  Its residents are ancient Atlantean separatists who were exiled there by the old king of Atlantis.  The King of Xebel was able to tear a small interdimensional hole and sends Mera through it to kill the new king of Atlantis, being of course Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman!  To make a long story short, when Arthur and Mera met, they fell in love.  Mera then concealed her true identity and reason for appearing in Aquaman’s dimension from him for fear of ruining their relationship.

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Mera is known for being one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe.  She has the ability of what is known as “Aqua-kenesis”.  Which means she can control and manipulate water and form hard water objects.  She can control large bodies of water down to the very thinnest sheets.  Since she was sent by Xebel to kill the king of Atlantis, she has been trained very well in the use of her powers.  In the new Rebirth issues of Justice League # 24 after Aquaman was overthrown and presumed killed by the new king Corum Rath, she was confronted by the Justice League after they noticed her pounding on the walls of Atlantis (which is now surrounded by an impenetrable magical wall of thorns) with enormous amounts of water which was causing enormous shockwaves and land threatening tsunamis.

Mera Vs JLA

When the Justice League noticed how distraught and out of control she was, thy tried to calm her down.  This didn’t go over so well.  Mera then encased Wonder Woman and Superman in hard water bubbles, suspending them in midair.  She flung Cyborg miles into the stratosphere with a cyclone of water.  She formed an ultra-thin sheet of water between Simon and Jessica’s Green Lantern Power Rings and their fingers, rendering them useless.  She ripped the water out of The Flash, severely dehydrating him and causing him to collapse instantly.  And when she found Batman trying to sneak up behind her with a tranquilize gun, she grabbed him by the throat and began to slowly choke the life out of him.  It wasn’t until Batman used a sonic device he had that she let go and realized what she was actually doing.  When the Justice League realized why Mera was doing what she was doing, they offered to help find Aquaman.  They also offered her a place in the Justice League, which she accepted.

Mera and JLA

This came to a very welcome surprise to me.  I think Mera can offer so much to the group that Aquaman just couldn’t.  I almost wish Arthur would stay lost for a while longer.  Mera is in fact a very interesting character, not just because of her unique powers but because of her vigor and fiery spirit.  She will fight to the death for those she loves and for what she believes in.  She’s fearless and a true warrior in every sense of the word.  I hope she is portrayed as such and featured prominently in the upcoming films she’s in.


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