Opinion: DC is Clueless and I Hope it Changes Fast

Over the last couple days, DC has unveiled news stating that they are going to be releasing films based on their comic book characters that are not part of the DCEU, a move which makes me wonder if they are clueless. So far a Joker origin, where Jared Leto is not playing the joker, and Matt Reeves The Batman are part of this list. This is yet another strike in the long list of missteps by the massive studio.

Anyone who has spoken with me knows that I love Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, I would go so far as to say I had attained fan boy status for the DCEU as I couldn’t acknowledge or even see that anything was wrong. I loved the dark tone of the films and especially Hans Zimmer’s musical involvement in the first two DCEU films. While I wasn’t as beguiled by Suicide Squad, I still really enjoyed it and still do. I would argue and fight with anyone who tried to badmouth the Martha scene and I still will as I think it went over most people’s heads.

None of the first three films were received well, in fact they were all a PR nightmate for DC in the end. Finally after years of criticism, DC released Wonder Woman which was received with incredible success and critical acclaim. As of today, the film has grossed over $400 million domestically and $800 million internationally per Box Office Mojo. The female led epic was so successful that it has become the highest domestically grossing superhero origin film of all time, finally beating out the original Spider-Man.


Justice League is also highly anticipated and fans are excited to see Joss Whedon, legendary Avengers director, take over the hero team up. Yet, now after their great success and consumer/fan confidence on the rise, DC decides to throw a massive wrench into it all. Have they learned nothing over the last ten years of Marvel powerhouse success? Comic cook movie fans love the shared universes. We discuss this on nearly every episode of Couch Crunchers and most of us agree that a shared universe is wonderful.


When the Batman film was announced with Ben Affleck to write and direct, many were on board due to his amazing performance as the caped crusader. Then it changed and Matt Reeves was tasked with creating the film. With his recent success with the Planet of the Apes franchise, I personally was excited to see this. Now it has been revealed that Reeves confirmed his Batman film is “a standalone, this isn’t part of the extended universe.”


DC has spent the last 4 years building a cinematic universe, they have a fan loved version of the character and now they are creating a Batman film that isn’t part of the universe. How in the world does this make sense? What is DC thinking? Further, a Joker origin film that isn’t part of the DCEU is also being thrown around as a possibility.

The question must be asked. Has DC lost their minds? When Geoff Johns and Jon Berg took over control of DC films in 2016 my confidence was high that they would make some great decisions and turn this world around. At that point, Wonder Woman was already in production and much of Justice League was as well, meaning that their influence would be more for what comes after those two projects. Since taking over it’s become a disaster. I can understand that some of that is because of the fact that the universe didn’t start strong and they wanted to make some changes to overhaul the world. That said, The Flash film has gone through multiple directors and scripts before now finally landing on Flashpoint, The Batman is now a stand alone film outside of the DCEU, a Joker origin may be in the works, and a Joker and Harley film was confirmed today with Margot Robbie and Jared Leto to reprise their roles.

Again, I must ask…why? I love the idea of more Joker and Harley but a film of their own makes no sense. Likewise, I love the idea of seeing Batgirl in the DCEU but a standalone film for her like confirmed months ago? I’d rather see her in the next Suicide Squad or in a Batman film that is part of the DCEU. Same with Nightwing who is currently expected to get his own film. Again, I love Nightwing but he doesn’t need his own film.

Wherever I turn I see idiocy coming from the DC films front and I can’t help but be sad. I absolutely love Batman v Superman and want to see this universe be a massive success. Give me more of the Martha bromance and the heroes and villains surrounding these titans of heroics. Give me Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and more but connect it into one universe.

If DC goes ahead with the not connected Batman film I will be able to somewhat forgive it if they at least confirm that it is a different earth and that the film is part of the multiverse. I’d particularly like to see Ezra Miller’s Flash appear in some regard to confirm this or for the new Batman stand alone world to be shown at some point in the DCEU. Even writing this now I still hate this idea but it is the only way I can think of to swallow such a terrible piece of news.


If Matt Reeves is the one being stubborn about the lack of connectivity, please bring in someone else that will connect the universe for us. I have little interest in a different Batman unless this is going to be a prequel to the Ben Affleck Batman. At that point it’s still in the DCEU but takes place in the past before Superman is revealed and all hell breaks loose. Otherwise, I don’t know who these films are for and I don’t understand why DC thinks this is a good idea. I’m frustrated thinking that a franchise I love is going to crash and burn due to stupid decision-making from the top brass. Hopefully I’m wrong and these films turn out to be incredible but I am not optimistic.

What do you think crunchers? Am I off my rocker or do you agree with my frustration and concerns? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. DC is going down the toilet. I just wish that it wasn’t taking Gal Gadot with it :P.

    P.S. The reason people didn’t get the Martha scene was because it was terribly executed. Argue….. GO! 😛

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