Final Fantasy XV Coming to PC

The well received 2016 continuation of the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XV is coming to PC confirmed Hajime Tabata today at Gamescom. The new version of the game will be fully optimized for PC and will contain a first person mode as well as full keyboard functionality. This version will provide the best graphics yet as well as MOD support for developers to show off their creativity.

There is no firm release date but the game is expected to release early 2018. It will be available from Steam, Origin and the Windows store meaning there are several options for PC gamers to purchase the game.


I played Final Fantasy XV when it first came out last year and absolutely loved it. I purchased the season pass and have enjoyed the additional content therein. As a huge fan of Final Fantasy, especially the visual aspect of it, I may end up purchasing this version of the game so that I can experience it in its PC glory. I just hope I can contain myself and wait until it goes on sale rather than spending full price on a game I already own for Xbox One.


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