Shadow of War Monsters Trailer

The highly anticipated sequel to 2014’s Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War is set to release October 10, 2017. Ahead of the upcoming release, a new trailer was unveiled today at Gamescom. This trailer gives us a better look at some of the monsters in Shadow of War and the threats we will be facing in the game.

Shadow of Mordor won game of the year when it released in 2014 meaning Shadow of War has some big shoes to fill. We will see if it fills those shoes but so far, the trailers make me think it will be even bigger and better than the original.


  1. So I’m not a huge gamer, we’ve discussed that before. I freaking loved Shadow of Mordor, though. We were due for a good Middle-Earth game, and it did not disappoint. It set the bar real high, and like you said, based on this trailer it looks like Shadow of War will not disappoint. I’m very excited about it.

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