Sea of Thieves Crossplay Confirmed

In the Microsoft Xbox briefing at Gamescom, Rare confirmed today that Windows 10 PC and Xbox One will have crossplay functionality for Sea of Thieves. Not a surprise considering other Xbox Play Anywhere titles also have cross play functionality.

“No asterisk, no small print. It is literally, in our shared world, you are with people from multiple devices,” said PC design lead Ted Timmins during the briefing.

Sea of Thieves is anticipated to hit Xbox One and Windows 10 early 2018 but no firm release date is available at this time. Early 2018 is the plan for know unless Microsoft pulls another Crackdown 3 and delays it on us.

Sea of Thieves is an open world fully online game where you and your friends get to be pirates and sail the seas. It is a much anticipated game from Rare and is expected to be quite a hit as it is designed to allow for extreme fun and the gathering of loot, all while messing around with friends. Below is a some gameplay to give you an idea of what the game is.

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