Defenders Impressions: Episodes 1-3

The street level heroes have united and it is truly special. I am in love with everything this season has to offer so far. In fact, as much as I love writing articles for Couch Crunchers, I would much rather be watching the show right now. Due to the fact that the show just released, spoilers for Defenders will be avoided however, spoilers for the other four shows are fair game.

Episode 1

Be prepared for the Defenders to not interact or meet. This episode is used as a chance to catch up from where each show left off. Some may not like this but I loved the opportunity to see how Karen reacted to finding out that Matt is Daredevil, what happened to Luke after he was sent to prison and what happened on Danny and Coleen’s journey after they discovered a burned down K’un-Lun. Jessica Jones show resolved fairly well so I wasn’t as interested in seeing resolution but it was still nice to catch up with her.

During the episode, there were many moments that made me smile, sometimes due to humor and other times, due to me being a giddy man-child who is loving watching superheroes. There was little action in the opening episode but personally, I don’t think it needed any so I was fine with that aspect. We also get introduced to Alexandra, who is the leader of the Hand. They never come right out and say it but it is implied by the fact that Madame Gao submits to her.

Episode 2  

Speaking of Gao, it is interesting to see her so submissive after all the time we have seen her so confident and in control. Gao doesn’t appear to fear Alexandra necessarily but she certainly isn’t in control and we get to see more of that in this episode.

This episode sees the plot moving forward a bit as each character is unveiling aspects of the Hand in their respective worlds. It was fun to see some of the interactions between Defenders here and get a feel for how territorial and independent each one is. I’m sure this will be even more apparent in the later episodes.

Episode 3

This has been the best episode thus far as it sees all four Defenders team up for the first time. The circumstances around the team up are not what I expected but I was stoked to see them get together. Some people may be frustrated that it took until the third episode to bring them together but, so far, I think the pacing is spot on. It’s giving us time to get to know the Hand and Alexandra. We don’t know exactly what they are up to but we do know they are different then they have been in the other shows. Part of the reason they are different is revealed early in episode 1 but I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

Combat is enjoyable, especially when seeing them team up. Iron Fist is better than he was in his own show and I attribute that to better choreography and the fact that actor Finn Jones said he often had more time to practice since the show wasn’t focused around just him. This makes sense as its clear to me Jones is no martial arts expert therefore practice would be helpful.

I’ll leave my impressions there as I don’t want to dive into spoiler and, frankly, I want to get back to watching the show and see how The Defenders take down the Hand.

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  1. I thought these episodes were great. Although they don’t work together until episode 3, episode 2 has some pretty cool interaction with a couple of the characters. as well. I have to disagree about Iron Fist though. I thought his combat in his own show was awesome. It was so fluid and looked really cool, not to mention that he freaking kicked booty. I still enjoyed watching him fight in Defenders, but just not as much. Plus he ultimately gets beat in the vast majority of his fights.
    I would really like to see his character grow up a little bit. He was less of a whiny baby than he was in his own show, but was still kind of a child, which Daredevil even points out :P. I would also like to see him be a little more BA and actually winning some more battles.

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