Daredevil Season 3 to Begin Filming Soon

A recent reports indicates that Daredevil season 3 will begin filming late October of this year! While the reports are unconfirmed, it makes sense as the show is the most hyped and popular of the bunch. While details are scarce, us Crunchers can’t help but be excited to see Charlie Cox suit back up as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Will Wilson Fisk escape from prison to reign terror on New York again, will we finally see a new rendition of Bullseye or will the villain be something new to live action altogether? Personally, my vote is for Bullseye to come to town and Punisher to assist “red” in taking him down.

One this that is certainly unlikely is that we see anything from The Hand. Of course, we never know. Perhaps The Defenders will leave some scraps for Daredevil and the others to wrap up in their own shows.

We know that Foggy, Karen and Matt will have a lot to deal with in the upcoming season most likely to release in mid to late 2018. One of the best parts of these Netflix shows is the relationship building between side characters. Daredevil is kept grounded and the identity of Matt preserved due to friendships with Karen and Foggy. I’m excited to watch The Defenders this Friday as that will certainly allow us to glean more ideas of what to expect in season 3.

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