Game of Thrones Episode 5: Spoiler Review

As it says in the heading, SPOILERS, if you are not up to date.

I just… I know, I know that this episode needs to be featured, but after the amazing “Loot Train Battle” last week, this feels almost like a bottle episode. They’re setting up the pieces for the dominoes to fall over the next two episodes. There was a metric crapton of information on this, though. So, let’s dive right in!



This episode starts with Bronn pulling Jaime out of the other side of the lake. Jaime seems surprised that Bronn went through all the effort, and Bronn has one of his beautiful “you don’t matter, I do” moments, and I loved it. However, the revelation that Jaime was alive was the least surprising thing to happen, this episode.

Personally, though, I think that Jaime has an immense role in the upcoming storyline, and I don’t think they’ll kill him for quite some time, if he ends up being killed at all.



Next, Daenerys is being ruthless, but it’s almost… Unavoidable? I mean, she could just take them prisoner, but that would take time and resources that they do not have. Plus, as a character, Dany is feeling like she’s scrambling, now. Whereas, when she first arrived, she felt rather unbeatable. She’s losing, and I can see how it might feel unfair when your enemy is praised for her ruthlessness and you are condemned for just being there.

She offers the soldiers a choice, and if she goes back on her word simply because of their birth, will she ever be taken seriously? I can see, perhaps, why she had to kill them. Did she have to torch them, though?



Dany comes back to Dragonstone, and Jon has an awesome bonding moment with Drogon. I love this scene! Not only is it a nod to the fact that Jon is a Targaryen, but when Drogon’s pupils actually dilate and he calms down, it shows that Jon may be able to imprint on one of the dragons and fly one! I don’t think we’ll see that in this season, but it’s going to be pretty epic when it happens.

Dany dismounts, and allows Drogon to fly off with his brothers while she talks to Jon. She tells them how she views them as her children, and she loves them no matter how great and terrible they become. That’s something she and Cersei have in common.

Dany’s very expressive, and she’s been showing some serious concern for Jon at every turn. She even tries to stop him from leaving, and he says, “I don’t need your permission.” I love that so much. He’s done with her crap, and she loves it, too.



Jorah has returned and leaves almost as quickly. It’s no secret that Jorah has loved Dany since the earliest seasons of the show, and their friendship is one that I think Dany really needs, and they have a beautiful dynamic. I honestly wouldn’t be horribly disappointed if — in the event of Jon’s death — Jorah marries Dany. It’s one of the more pure relationships on the show.



“We are the people with thousands of books on magic, we have more evidence than most people in the world that the white walkers exist, but MAGIC CROWS? WHITE WALKERS? How ridiculous! Hahahaha!”

Oh my gosh! What a bunch of morons. It absolutely astounds me that Samwell Tarly, can come in and cure a man of greyscale and, still, no one pays attention to him! I just — why? He’s actually laughed out of the room!

However, this part of the show actually has one of the best reveals ever. Gilly is reading, and having a grand time of it, when she reads about the fact that Rhaegar Targaryen got his marriage to Elia Martell annulled, and then married someone else! We know who that someone is! That’s right folks, it’s Lyanna Stark. Which means that Jon Snow is not a Snow. He’s not a bastard. He’s a pure, legitimate, Targaryen. He actually has a better claim to the throne than Dany does. Which I find hilarious.

My friends and I were gawking at the screen, squealing at Sam, “Ask her! Ask her to keep reading! Keep reading! AHHHHHH!!!”

It’s going to be fun to see Gilly know something for once, instead of Sam.



Pregnancy does not have a good track record on Game of Thrones. Not for anyone. To hear that Cersei is pregnant… I’m fairly certain she’s lying. Mostly because she is just that brand of awful.

Jaime had to ask if it was his for two reasons. One, because Cersei doesn’t seem to care for him too much, anymore. She wasn’t even offended when he asked. Two, because Jaime has been gone for a while. I know these timelines don’t look like they’re taking months and months, but they really are.

I have one question… What will Euron think of this? He’s promised to her, after all. He won’t want a bastard of Jaime Lannister running around when he’s King.



Gendry’s back and he has a big-ol’-hammer, just like his dad did. I loved how he came in and right away started bashing heads. He’s quick with that thing, I’m excited to see him use it more, and I can’t wait for Arya to see him, again. I also loved how he’s already with the program, and he just wants to get out there and kill some stuff. Perfection.



So, Arya and Sansa are butting heads over differing levels of loyalty to Jon. Part of Sansa thinks she would be a much better ruler than he, and that may even be true, but Sansa has not earned it. Littlefinger is trying to convince the soldiers that Sansa is the better choice, and he’s been sowing the seed of discord since before Jon even left Winterfell.

Arya is not used to being out-maneuvered the way that Littlefinger just did. The planted note, if you took a look at it, is from wayyy back in season 1, when Sansa was just a little girl, and Cersei told her to denounce her father. Arya loved her father almost as much as she loves Jon, hearing that her sister outright denounced his actions will piss her off.

4 out of 5 Couch Cushions

4 out of 5 small

This episode was informative, it had some funny moments, some serious, and some awesome tension between characters that we just know are going to burst. Back in season 3, I would have given this episode a 5/5, but after what we have seen since Battle of the Bastards, and the Loot Train Battle, the bar for that rating has risen incredibly high.

In the end, please don’t skip this episode. It tells you so much information that is essential to the plot, and really important for setting up the chess board. Now, the real game begins.

Have a good week! Valar Dohaeris.


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  1. I’m so glad that you guys are covering GOT. This might be the only show that has no loose ends and that captures and tells the story of each character until their death and in some cases after their death. “Littlefinger” is always up to no good. I’ve hated him since the first time he was introduced. This is a great review, I would like to see more about Game of Thrones. Perhaps a season seven recap since next week is the season finale?

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