Five Great Defenders Fan Films

There are many fan films out there, some great and some absolute trash! I watched my fair share of each in preparing this article and the below are the five best fan films I could find as they relate to The Defenders. As a note, the order is not an indication of ranking which is the best film.

If any of you crunchers knows some other good fan films, please let us know in the comments.

1. Daredevil: Bad Blood

Created by Icewolf Cosplay and released November 4, 2015, “Daredevil: Bad Blood” is a fan film which shows the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen cleaning up the New York neighborhood streets. The film uses a costume inspired by season one of Netflix’s Daredevil series and masterfully demonstrates the use of the hero’s super senses and acrobatic fighting ability.  Sit back and enjoy this well done under 9 minute fan film with a surprise appearance from another marvel hero.

2. Daredevil: Fearless

Created by Jonas Stolpe and published March 8, 2014, this 3:32 fan film shows a street brawl for the hero Daredevil. It’s a short but sweet film that showcases a decent adaptation of the classic Daredevil costume and some fun action.

3. Killgrave: The Purple Man – A Marvel Fan Film

This Watchworks Studios film published June 18, 2014 is a creepy adaptation of The Purple Man. Jessica Jones herself doesn’t make an appearance but actor and writer Nathan Faudree truly terrifies as the titular villain. What adds to the terror is the Faudree’s script and horror of what a man with Killgrave’s powers is capable of. At only 5:23 seconds, this is a fan film that Marvel fans shouldn’t miss.

4. POWER BRAWLS: Luke Cage vs Black Panther

There aren’t many fan films out there for Luke Cage but, even still, this power brawl released on September 30, 2016 by Blue Boy Cinema is a decent film. I admit that this wouldn’t have made this list if I wasn’t trying to include something for each character. The script and costumes are pretty poorly done and the action is subpar but at only 5:17, it was still worth a watch.

5. The Immortal Iron Fist//A Marvel Comics Fan Film

Released December 7, 2016 by BAND WITH NO NAME Films, the film starts off strong with a line about how the power of the Iron Fist should only be wielded by those with “the purest of intentions” however it falters in the closing scene when the Iron Fist uses her power for selfish reasons rather than anything heroic or noble. Using a female as the Iron Fist was a great change from the comics but ultimately this fan film fell flat. The longest of this list at 18:22, the film isn’t necessarily bad but it is obvious that it wishes to send a message. Unfortunately, the message doesn’t hit as they could have had the main character use her powers for a deeper reason. What it got right however was the use of the Iron Fist’s powers, some decent action and great special effects for a low budget flick.

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