Cruncher Report: Best Marvel Netflix Show

Kicking off our week of Defenders coverage, we wanted to start with something fun and simple. On our latest podcast, released August 8th, each of the four crunchers picked their favorite Marvel Netflix show. If you listened, you already know which show won out. If not, the answer will be revealed extremely soon. Below are the votes and reasons for picking the show:


Voter(s): Lance

Reasons: Amazing music and Cottonmouth was a stellar villain


Voter(s): Cameron

Reasons: David Tennant and the fact that Jessica is mostly just a normal person trying to live her life.


Voter(s): Max and Jay

Reasons: The Punisher, Wilson Fisk and the Hand storyline

You’ll notice that Iron fist is absent. We have a review coming later this week, written by yours truly, which explains where the show went wrong and where it went right. While it is the “dud” of the series, we are interested to see how he does with the rest of The Defenders.

Without further ado, the winner is…


This probably comes as no surprise since Daredevil is easily the best of the heroes. I may be biased though since I voted for him!



  1. It’s also used a second season to further cement its story Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have not had that opportunity!!

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