Opinion: Disney Streaming is Going to Create a Whole New Level of Couch Potato

Sadly, the days when you can curl up with your pet and watch a great Disney movie easily on Netflix, are coming to an end. Don’t fret though, it’s not until 2019, and guess what? Disney is starting its own streaming service. Disney is also rumored to have been thinking of a streaming service for ESPN as well.

It’s exciting, really, to think about a strictly Disney-based streaming service. Disney anything is exciting; but, the idea of another service or download needed in order to watch a movie is getting old. In a typical night, finding a movie or TV show, on demand, can mean browsing through at least five different apps, different inputs on the tv, the sound bar, and the gaming platform, not to mention finding the remotes for all devices in a swift manner.

Also, this Disney streaming service isn’t going to be free, is it? So what are people willing to pay?

Has Disney thought of its Disney Movie Club members? What will be the benefit of getting a new movie shipped directly every month, if the movie can be streamed, the day it is released at the push of a button?

What about the Disney Vault movies? Disney fans everywhere may feel the anxiety of knowing the Disney Vault is closing soon for Aladdin. But should one even worry? Will it be back in 2019, available forever?

The good news is, if you’re stubborn and want to stick with only Netflix, you’ll still hopefully get some Marvel and Star Wars movies. Netflix is trying to work out a deal with Disney to continue streaming the Marvel and Star Wars franchises. The bad news is you’ll have to wait until 2019 to give Disney your money for this service. I mean, I know I will be pulling out my wallet, Disney Movie Club Member or not.

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