How’s Winter Going? Why I Fell In Love With Game of Thrones

This is my mid-week, arm-scratching, eye-twitching article while waiting for my next fix of Game of Thrones. I thought I’d share my unorthodox relationship with this show, along with some of my favorite possible romantic entanglements.


I am a deeply religious individual. I actually pay attention and respect the rules of my church. So, when I heard about a show with nudity, excessive violence, and a ludicrous amount of swearing, I said “No thank you” and found other shows to entertain myself with.

But then I ran out of those shows. So, I finally decided to watch the first season, after my friend had been bothering me for weeks. I sat down, and not wanting to compromise my values, I watched it on Vidangel. To be honest, I was soooo bored with the first season. I couldn’t care less about what was going on. I was surprised to find, though, that the episodes were only a minute or two shorter after removing the nudity and muting the swear words. Interesting, indeed. Whatever the case, I was done watching it.

I finally got so bored during my summer between college classes that I said, “you know what? I like Tyrion. I heard he gets married.” So, I skipped to season three and watched him get married. After seeing what a horrible person Joffery was, I decided that it was worth watching the entire show just to watch that cockroach die.


(The above pic is Joffrey)

Now, I am a shameless addict, and I watch it unfiltered because I’m a total sellout who freaking LOVES TYRION AND WANTS HIM TO BE HAPPY. Also, Jon is beautiful eye candy, so there’s that, too.

I actually explained the entire plot to my awesome redheaded mother while sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand. She’s now hooked to the Vidangel version.

I’m a shipper of Jon and Dany, I love them together, and I don’t care how weird it is. It’s medieval fiction, I don’t care that they’re distantly related. They’re so perfect, and I love their chemistry on screen. It makes me happy.

Also, Jaime and Brienne. I want it.

In the end, I fell in love with Game of Thrones and how they make characters that are consistent and interesting. The show runners give you people on both sides of a conflict that you would regret losing. Sometimes, they kill off characters, and you actually, physically miss them. It’s an experience that few other shows have mastered. I never watch shows that are reported to be similar to GoT, because it never refers to the rich character development and world building. No one has made a show like it, which is why it’s worth giving a chance, no matter how you watch it.


(P.S. Arya Stark is the Punisher of Westeros. I drew this cause I love her.)

Only 2 more days till the next episode — only two more days.



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