Issue #2

In this weeks episode, join the Couch Crunchers as they continue their mission and are joined by a new member to the party. Listen as they face enemies like the “Flab”, relive our daddy issues with “Top 5” , How The Mummy was actually a decent movie (despite Tom Cruise) and our show to watch, Legion. An old struggle resurfaces as well…the mispronunciation of Amell! Will our heroes survive? 

Nerds, Dorks, Geeks… UNITE!!

Music provided by The Distress Signal

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  1. No Jor’el for best dad? 😛

    I agree Max, The Mummy was just ok. However, the girl who plays the Mummy, Sofia Boutella is an incredibly talented actress, dancer and a martial arts expert.

    Starkiller is an awesome character. I feel like he is too strong to put in though. I always see lists of powerful force wielders and Darth Vader and Luke are always at the top, but in all reality I have never seen either of them do anything as powerful as pull down a Star Destroyer. They might be able to fit him in somehow, but it could be hard because I can see people being like, why is he not the main protagonist when he is this powerful?

    Since it sounds like you guys haven’t seen The Shadow…… I will say it is the cheesiest movie ever made haha. I think Max has seen it because I brought it to his house when we were kids, but he may not remember. If you are wanting a good laugh at a cheesy movie one night, that is the movie to watch 😛

    Max, you have now gotten a PS4, gratz on that :P.

    Battlefront looks so freaking good. I cannot wait.

    Thank you for mentioning John Wick. The movie is doing fairly well, but it is still crazy underrated IMO. I had low expectations when I went to see it and it blew my mind. so good.

    Another good episode fellas


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