Couch Crunchers Issue #1

In this weeks episode, join the Couch Crunchers as they endeavor on a new mission. Listen as they face enemies like Tom Cruise, the correct pronunciation of Stephen Amell’s last name, and so much more! Will they survive?!

Nerds, Dorks, Geeks….UNITE!!!!


  1. Hey guys, first time listener, first time commenter :P. I enjoyed listening to you guys. So, I have some things that I agree with you guys about, but some things that I really don’t and even a couple of things that I agree and disagree with at the same time haha.


    Anyway, I agree with you guys that Wonder Woman was awesome. There are definitely some points that I could nit pick at, but super well done.

    I also agree that the Flash and Arrow have become to whiny and complainy. The Olicity crap was the most annoying thing ever. They stepped back from that temporarily, but they are starting to go back to it. This latest Season of Arrow was better than the last. I agree it started off slow and the ending was pretty cool despite the re-introduction of Olicity. On a similar note, I totally agree that Stephen Amell as Casey Jones was super awful. I do agree as well that the bad guys in Arrow have been pretty cool.

    I dunno if this is agreeing, but I’m happy that the Shannarah Chronicles are moving. I agree that whole teen drama that they are going for is awful and it was a show that had potential. I really think that the fantasy genre could really step up as far as tv series go.

    I also agree that DC is just trying to catch up to Marvel too fast. Marvel really took the time to develop characters with more individual movies, and DC is like a teenage kid, with the “I want it now” mentality. They really showed that in Batman vs Superman. I really feel like it was a slap in the face to Batman to have his origin story smooshed in that movie, If you are going to redo Batman, he deserves a standalone movie first. I mean, he’s freaking Batman.


    I will agree that while, Batman vs. Superman had a few redeeming qualities, such as Batman saving Martha, it was such a letdown of a movie. Personally I thought Lex Luthor was the best part of that movie. He definitely wasn’t your average Lex, but I thought his character was creepy (in a cool bad guy way), and he did an awesome job. However, I did also really like Michael Rosenbaum as Lex as well, even though they were very different.

    I think we all agree the Martha scene was awful, but I didn’t think it was anything to do with Henry Cavill’s performance. What I got from the scene is that Batman saw Superman as this guy who thinks that the world is under his foot, He can do whatever he wants and screw the fact that his actions hurt people. The fact that he says the name Martha is what initially catches Batman’s attention, but it was the fact that he was putting his mom’s life over his own humanized Superman in Batmans’s eyes. The problem with this is that my assessment is pretty much complete conjecture. They did very little to really convey what was happening in that scene. The setup and dialogue were awful.

    As a fan of Marvel, really thought it was cool how the movies affected the tv show. I didn’t feel like it was too much to follow at all, however, I can see how it would be for the average viewer which makes the idea not as feasible. It was mentioned that there wasn’t any sign of the reverse. That the tv show didnt affect movies, but once again as a fan I would really like to see things go both ways.

    I agree that the last Samurai was a phenomenal movie! In fact, it is in my top 5 movies of all time. What I don’t agree with is placing that as Tom Cruise’s #5. It’s definitely the #1 Tom Cruise movie guys :P.


    This is a hard disagree guys. There was a lot of bashing on Man of Steel, and that movie was awesome! I loved that they showed Krypton, and my main Spaniard Russel Crowe was freaking BA. Definitely the best Jor’el ever. I really thought that the guy who played General Zod was an awesome choice. I thought he had a great performance. They did change Clark Kent up a bit, but I thought it had a realistic feel. The idea of Clark staying in Smallville and making the huge jump to Metropolis never made a lot of sense to me. His search to find his place in the world and find out more about who he was, before heading to Metroplis made a lot more sense. While they changed Clark Kent, I really felt like Superman was who he was supposed to be. A momma’s boy, who was astronomically powerful, but uncorrupted by his power. Not to mention, that the fight scenes were freaking good.

    I loved this scene in the movie:

    That’s all guys. Great podcast


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